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COC (Code Of Conduct)

The Code of Conduct (COC) was developed in the summer of 2016 in order to have a policy and document that would govern the conduct, professionalism and behavior of the BL’s administration, club officials, referees, players and coaches.

The COC looks to set a standard for the BL which shows respect for the game in areas between the clubs, between player & referees, coaches & referees and all other instances where anyone representing, participating or associated with the BL displays poor behavior or judgement which reflects badly on the image of the Basketligaen.

It is important to note that the COC does not in any way interfere with the Danish Basketball Forbund (DBBF) Turneringsudvalg (TU). The TU is the leading authority on matters involving referees/players and the penalties as determined by FIBA. The COC goes a step further for those in the BL by demanding professionalism at the highest level of basketball in Denmark.

The COC was unaminously voted in by the BL clubs for implementation for the season of 2016-17 and continues this season. The original English version has now been professionally translated over to the Danish Version which is now the official version. Both versions are included here. It should be noted that this document (COC) can be modified upon the approval of the BL ligaråd.


The COC is administered by the Ethics Committee (EC) and is comprised of the following:

Claus Holm Christensen [email protected] 

Jesper Brixen

Jan Gjettermann  [email protected]

The current members of the EC have a combined over 90 years experience within the game of basketball. Below is the procedure for the inclusion of cases to the EC.

Method of Operandi

Incidents of misconduct, poor behavior and overall unprofessionalism reflect poorly on the image of the Basketligaen. In order to be set a good example for the youth players within the country and to grow the game at the professional level the COC has been developed. The EC is tasked with setting a standard that others will look up to and will follow for the necessary growth of basketball in Denmark. 

  1.  EC method of operandi will be such that a possible violation may be received in any number of ways:
    1. Thru a game report from officials
    2. A complaint from a club official.
    3. TV or Social Media clip (video).
    4. 3rd party witness.

Upon receiving a complaint, the EC can and will use all possible means of achieving a true story of the incident(s): 

  1. Video from official or unofficial sources.
  2.  Statements from game officials, club officials, players & coaches.

The EC will conduct interviews and take statements from those involved in the incident as well as those who have witnessed the event. All means of communication are available to the Committee in its quest for the truth.

Sanctions can only be imposed based on evidence obtained no later 7 days after the game.

Work process expected to be a maximum of 2 days. 

Technical Fouls

The COC also governs technical fouls received by players/coaches over the course of a season. The counting of a players/coaches technical fouls is the responsibility of each club although the EC will maintain a technical foul count data base and will notify and warn players/coaches when limits are reached.  It is also important to note that technical fouls that are inadvertent or given mistakenly will be subject to review by the EC. Suspensions/warnings are given to discourage a pattern of poor behavior which reflect badly on the image of the Basketligaen thus its business.


All decisions that result in either fines/suspensions coming from the Code of Conduct will be published here on this home page. For any other questions regarding COC or the Ethics Committee please use this email address: [email protected]


Download COC